The Cove

The Cove is defiantly a worth while documentary. I have seen it one other time before and it was just as good the second time. It truly thrilling and engaging. The dedication of Rick O’ Berry is amazing. The story is so unreal. The fact that Rick was flippers trainer and besically started the captivity of dolphins is something out of fiction. Thee fact that the movie was shot like a spy thriller makes it seem more fictional. It makes it appealing to a very wide audience. There are so many sides and angles to this. 1. dolphins are intelligent 2. people that want captive dolphins are fueling this mass killing 3. They are selling the dolphin meat as other fish (people are getting mercury poisoning. 

The thing is that the killing of dolphins and porpoises happens in many many other places. For food. Maybe more ethical reasons. The thing that would make this different is the fact that the Japanese are so secretive and lucrative about it. I thought I heard that the dolphin killings have gone down in Taiji. It would be hard to believe that this documentary had no impact but then again, like we said in class, it takes far more than awareness for people to truly take action. 

Seeing blackfish and The cove as well and knowing what captivity is really like for the whales makes me reevaluate everything we keep in captivity. I think in general we under estimate the intelligence of probably all animals, not just whales. Not just keeping them in captivity but the implications that go along with capturing wild animals as well as the distribution.



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