The Cove

The Cove was a very well put together documentary, though it isn’t obvious as of yet that it’s really changed anything outside of getting a few people fired who had no control over the situation to begin with and were probably only removed because they were the ones who just happened to get caught on camera.

While the killing of the dolphins was quite a powerful and central core of the film, there were two other things that struck me more: Ric O’Barry’s quest to free captive dolphins and the level of mercury in seafood (which made me glad that I don’t eat it in the first place). I think O’Barry makes a good point about the way certain animals are kept in captivity, namely that there are certain species who don’t need the protection zoos can provide and are too intelligent and needing of open space to roam to keep in captivity solely for human delight. It’s unfortunate that unintentionally and partially by his own hand that Ric O’Barry launched such a dolphin craze that’s stronger than ever.

Secondly, what really bothered me about the movie is how a country like Japan would knowingly allow its citizens to be poisoned with mercury, particularly with dolphin meat which few seem to eat and seems entirely pointless to produce. One would think that even if a government doesn’t care for the plight of the oceans, they would at least be concerned over the medical danger of mercury poisoning and make some strides to prevent it. But I suppose any government anywhere will choose money and secrecy over anything else, any day.

To conclude this post, here is link to a website with a little more info about mercury poisoning in relationship to pregnancy and childhood development, but more importantly it has graphics:

One preventative measure may be to stand a little further away from the mercury producing factory while pregnant


One thought on “The Cove

  1. yes the fact that that a place like japan would let there people eat dolphin meat with insane amount of mercury was defiantly the most shocking art for me as well. The reason why the whole thing is so unbelievable is because it is so lucrative. Many older cultures killed dolphin an whale but they were in no way being sneaky about it and that makes a big difference.

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