The Cove

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I really liked the cove and thought it was interesting. there are parts of it that i think should be fact checked or overlap a little like when the people are eating dolphin and watching dolphins in a performance and then they go to a city in japan and have people there saying no one eats dolphin and that dolphin isnt a desirable food, do people actually eat it or not knowingly, is never really answered. Personally as animals i dont really like dolphins. i dont think theyre more special than any other animals. i understand theyre smart but i dont think they should be put above everything else because of it. its not like other animals arent smart or sentient of their existence either. theyre just really overrated. pigs can be as smart as 3 years old humans and no one cares about them. but thats not to say that the dolphin slaughter isnt important and i think it should be stopped. I dont like seeing animals in pain and i dont think they should be killed for food or put in captivity, i think the cove was really compelling and not over the top. its was a good mix of documentary and spy type movie that was good at keeping peoples attention. I liked at the end that they showed what happened to some of the people we saw in the film. i wish that the impact of the film did more or at least helped put regulations in place but maybe the right people who can make those laws havent seen it or its not in their best interest money wise. at one point they said they would pay them to stop but they said it wasnt about money is was about culture but if someones culture is harmful i think it should be adjusted. what if it was someones culture or tradition to have human sacrifices of non willing participants, that wouldnt be tolerated in most societies today. overall though it was a good movie regardless if you dont like dolphins.


One thought on “The Cove

  1. You have to wonder which animals we choose to idealize. I mean, pigs are REALLY smart, plus they’re biologically very close to us (they even transplant pig organs into humans sometimes.) But we make up all these ideas about them being stupid and dirty, and use that to justify eating them… Or we get all gooey about baby farm animals, but still use them for food. It’s pretty weird!

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