Team TaKaKriLa on Stingrays!

Florida is home to many exotic species not seen anywhere else in the world. These creatures are greatly admired and very well know, but what about the species common to Florida; the ones we overlook.
One of these species is the stingray. Despite what people might think, stingrays are actually one of the least studies marine animal. Very little is know about these creatures yet you can find them practically at every aquarium, and in every beach of the world. Here are some fun facts about stingray you maybe didn’t know:
A group of stingrays is called a FEVER

Stingrays are part of the shark family

Stingrays are solitary creatures but travel in groups

Stingrays rely on scent to hunt since they cannot see their food (they’re mouths are at the bottom of their bodies, while the eyes are on the top).

There are two types of stingrays: Pelagic (these are swimmers rather than bottom feeders, and are diamond shaped), and Benthic (these are found at the bottom of the ocean floor, and are more round).

Stingrays migrate along the coast of the Gulf of Mexico every year between the months of May and October. When encountering these creatures in the wild it’s best to steer clear. While they do have stingers, they value it as a resource and try not to use it under any circumstance.

Stingrays are a valuable species of the world and should treated as such.
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2 thoughts on “Team TaKaKriLa on Stingrays!

  1. I didn’t know that stingrays actually had a migration season! That is very helpful to know since I live swimming in the ocean! I also didn’t know that when they use their stinger it never grows back! Cool facts!!

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