Biodiversity Project: Sarasota Clean-Up!!!

Biodiversity Midterm Group Project Members: Nicole Gutzmann, Clayton Chod, Caitlin Bernoskie


The pollution floating around in our oceans is a major issue, and around the Sarasota area, so for our group project we focused on making a game which teaches children about the marine wildlife of the area while having them “clean up the ocean” through a fun and easy memory game. The game is composed of 24 memory cards. Six(12 total) are based on some of the marine life from Sarasota here like the Manatee, Snowy Plover, Bottlenose Dolphin, Sea Turtle, Horseshoe Crab, and the brown Pelican. The other 6 types of cards each depict a form of ocean pollution that is common not just in the Sarasota area, but around the globe. These pollutants are plastic bags, cigarettes, food wrappers, plastic bottles, utensils. These six are some of the most common forms of trash thrown into the ocean so it was appropriate to include them in this game. Said trash is being thrown into the ocean that a number of marine species have become threatened due to taking in or being entangled by the trash.

Besides the main 24 cards, there are also six informational cards based on each marine animal seen in the game. Each marine animal card lists basic facts about the animal and what threatens them so children can enjoy an easy, little educational lesson while playing through the game.


The goal of the game is to match as many cards as possible of course, but the winner is determined by the person who collects the most trash based matches by the end of the game when all of the cards have been matched together.The game will eventually become a PnP game when I have the time to put together a proper PDF for it, so keep an eye out!


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