Lido Beach

I really enjoyed our trip to Lido. It was like going on a mini vacation. Everyone looked like they were enjoying being outside and adventuring. I just wish we got to venture around a little more and examine everything a lot more closely like we did at indian beach. It’s easy to overlook what a beautiful place we live in when you are stuck in the labs. We live by the ocean for heaven sakes. It’s absolutely awesome. I thought it was neat to see the currents that run from. he golf to the bay.  Its just a great big fish highway. The great blue heron (i believe it was) was beautiful. The heron remind me of ohio because we get them in our pond a lot as well.

I grew up in a really rural part of ohio so being outside was pretty normal for me and something I always enjoyed. These trip just make me miss it more. I really not use to being in the city and hope I never stray too far from nature.

I think the highlight of the trip however, was seeing a live horseshoe crab. Im not sure that I have ever seen a live one before. He was a lot faster than i thought, although he was aided by the current.


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