The tragic accident in Korea


Recently, I went to Indian beach and I am impressed by the cleanness of the sea. It was absolutely beautiful. However, when I was chilling at the beach, I saw tragic news of my country. When I was in Korea, I used to live in Yeo-soo. It is one of the most beautiful port cities of Korea. But unfortunately one of the major oil companies in Yeo-soo had mechanical problem, so a large quantity of crude oil has spilled into the sea accidentally. But the worst thing that they did was they did not announce the exact amount and tried to hide until other people noticed. As the result, now the pollution of sea accelerated so quickly. The news said for recovering the polluted ocean, we need at least 100 years. If they announced the amount of spilled oil and handled it more professionally and quickly, they could prevent that. So many people in the city, especially fishermen, critically affected by the mistake. I could not believe that I will not see the beautiful sight of the shore of Yeo-soo. And also, I was so sad I could not share the cleanness of Indian beach with my neighbors in my hometown.



2 thoughts on “The tragic accident in Korea

  1. I am really sorry to hear what had happened in Korea. In fact, I can strongly share the same concern of the marine pollution in Asia. I am from southern China, very close to the coastline, our family used to spent our winter at this coastal city where my parents grew up in, we would go to the beach, although it was claimed to be one of the best beach in southern China, when I came to the US, the reality hits. Compare to the Lido beach, the sands were yellow back in China, the beach almost looked dusty, the ocean weren’t blue, and the sky was gloomy. I heard that it was polluted, but I just didn’t know how bad it was until I did a water quality test with my sister for her science class. We can’t see the ocean from our city, but there’s this major river that goes all the way through to the ocean, we took water samples from the upstream, midstream and downstream. Along the way we could just see the changes from our bare eyes, the among of garbage and litters increase, all the industrial waste, the smell got worse the closer we were to the down stream. Just simply imagine all the junks that would run into the ocean, it was a nightmare! No one has the right to sacrifice the environment for industrial growth!

  2. I went though a simpler despair! I grew up in Wisconsin right next to lake Michigan and we had a boat and a jet ski and were on that lake as much as possible! Now a days the lake is so polluted you cant even swim in it anymore. It’s very depressing that a huge part of my childhood is now ruined!

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