Other types of pollution..


After reading this interesting article by BBC news ( http://www.bbc.com/future/story/20140117-earths-last-place-without-noise ) called “The last place on Earth without human noise” i got to thinking about what other kinds of pollution human’s create in our enviroment, and how this may affect other species.
Besides from the incredible amount of trash produced by modern consumerist men, we also partake in a great amount of pollution in the air, such as gasses (global warming much?), light, and noise. I think its pretty evident how global warming can cause changes in the ecosystem and therefore affect the species that live in it, but what about light and noise? Can the noise cars, planes, machines etc produce affect the animals that live around these? I know personally when there is an unwanted noise in my perimeters i cannot concentrate in what i am trying to do at the moment, causing me to perform less than my potential due to this lack of concentration. Also i know plants specially are very sensitive to light, this is really notable during season changes where light hours may drop or increase and we see the plant going through changes to adapt. Can animals be affected by this too? We all know its not so easy to see the stars from certain places due to light emission from the city, could this affect animals behavior?


2 thoughts on “Other types of pollution..

  1. That’s interesting. I find that i get disturbed by light at times. i personally don’t really like hot sunny clear sky days despite living in Florida. It often gives me a headache when I’m exposed to a lot of direct light.So I guess I would consider light to be a type of pollution.

  2. i love this. I remember seeing an article in national geographic years ago about light pollution and it had a similar picture like the one you posted above. It amazing that we create so much unnecessary light. I have a hard time sleeping on campus sometimes because there are so many lights on ad the blinds don’t do anything to help and sometimes i notice the air conditioning and i cant help but not hear it.

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