LIdo Beach Walk with Class

That was a very relaxing class. Being a graduating senior trapped indoors, I really appreciated the fresh air and the reminder that there are other things out there, how big and diverse our world is. I really enjoyed simply looking around and seeing a mundane organism such as the raccoon, the starfish someone found in the water, the blue heron stalking the shores (?), or even the everday ant hives. All those networks of holes! Still very cool to me! Then there were unexpected organisms like the cacti, the horse-shoe crab, or the beehive hidden in the mangroves (although it seemed planted there by humans). Things we see every day, and yet not because we’re indoors whether for school or because we just don’t like going outside. The sun is soooo good for you!

With that said, I wish we had explored the mangroves. Everyone seems to love the vastness and soothing atmosphere of the beach, which is my favorite–but because we didn’t swim, I felt restrained to trying to find shoreline things…which felt limited other than the occasional “hitchhikers”, those nasty spiky little balls. Maybe I just wasn’t looking hard enough. But going into the mangroves had more diversity to offer, so I really enjoyed it while it lasted. Next time we should really get lost in those paths we did near the end of our fieldtrip. I was hoping to see more crabs overwhelming the trees or exploding back into their tiny holes…



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