Lido Beach Trip


First of all, I could not sleep at all the day before the Lido beach field trip, so I was really worried. I thought I could not enjoy it and missed a lot of things that I should experience. However, when I walked on the sandy beach, my feel was much better than I thought. It was so soft and warm. And I was also surprised because the park was almost vacant. That helped me to enjoy the beach. I used to visit the other side of Lido beach, but it was not much impressive. Actually, I don’t know exactly where it was because the cap driver just brought me there. At this time, I loved it.

The park was very clean, so it gave me a feeling that people did not touch anything on the beach. I saw few people were eating something on the picnic area, but the picnic area was also very clean. I saw many kinds of animal and they looked like enjoy the beach. It was my first time that I saw more than two kinds of animals in a beach. I think leave them as the natural looks and protect them from any harmful artificial things.


2 thoughts on “Lido Beach Trip

  1. What a cool photo! I also noticed how clean this beach was. It’s interesting to think about the psychology that leads people to litter freely at Indian Beach, but treat Lido with more respect. Lido is seen as a “real beach” so people are more careful there, I suppose. Is there any way to encourage a more respectful attitude at Indian Beach? Prr…obably not.

  2. I love the photo! The fresh outdoors can really brighten your whole mood! Give you energy you didn’t know you had and lighten your overall mood. I love living in florida for that reason and hated when I had to life in new york during the summer. It was very depressing, being there is no fresh and clean outdoors there.

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