Lido Beach


Despite having to deal with an incredibly sand-filled pair of sneakers, the trip to Lido beach was really cool.I actually had no idea there was an area with so much to see near the Lido beach as I’ve been there before to one of it’s other more typical looking beaches.The weather was great and the portions of lido we walked around were really quite lovely looking.It was cool to observe the nesting grounds of some of the beaches birds and walk along the shore, although I was a little bummed that we weren’t able to spot any sharks or dolphins.We all managed to see a raccoon digging around in the trash though so I guess that counts as an animal encounter.Poor little guy just wanted to eat his burger.


There was a lot more to see at Lido than our last beach trip and I even managed to take some pictures of the wildlife there.


Your typical Floridian lizard chilling out on some of the really pretty flowers near the one section of the beach.They had an odd smell to them so I didn’t stay near for too long but they were nice to look at.


I also found a small Brittle Starfish near the shore we were walking along.I’m not sure if it was still alive but I put the little guy back in the water just in case.Seeing the mangroves at the end of the beach’s trail was also quite awesome.You could see a lot of the wildlife around the area had made great use of the mangroves.


I still really enjoyed going to Lido Beach even though I had a lot of school work to do.I think getting out and just walking around, even if you can’t get to a beach or hiking trail, is important for a person.It was a nice day too so it added to making the whole experience really relaxing which was a blessing since I’ve been sitting in a chair for most of the week.I do look forward to doing more beach walks in the future and just getting out and looking at the diverse environment Sarasota has around here.


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