Sarasota: Delivered

Our trip to South Lido beach was nice, I believe it must be where all the advertising for Sarasota tourism comes from (that is to say, I don’t think Indian Beach will be popping up on the cover of Sarasota Magazine any time soon). Just as nice as the environment itself, was the weather that day. It was slightly cool and mostly cloudy, which is a nice day when you get 244 days of sunshine the rest of the year (how I long for you, Pacific Northwest).

photo 3

Look, it’s not even gross

This area is obviously slightly less obstructed by human impact (though I do wonder what the area was like as a whole before parking lots and St. Armand’s Circle took over—anyone like Joni Mitchell?) and caters largely to tourists and fisherman so it’s relatively kept naturally intact. It’s like its own tiny peninsula within the large peninsula of Florida, which allows it to harbor its own fairly unique ecosystem. The currents in the ocean water bring in a great number of fish, followed by sharks and dolphins, and the nearby mangroves are their own bounty of life between the crabs, starfish, minnows, and mangroves themselves. Not to mention the amount of birds around the area, which consist mostly of herons and egrets, as compared to the rest of Lido’s dark horde of french fry hungry seagulls and terns.

photo 1 photo 1photo 2photo 4

Needless to say, this is one of the rather few areas of Sarasota that reminds me that this state isn’t just a mindlessly commercialized and exploited “tropical paradise,” but that it’s also an environment that’s as unique and diverse as any other, with all of its life adapted perfectly to survive there, an aspect of the nature in Florida I wish more people appreciated.


2 thoughts on “Sarasota: Delivered

  1. Isn’t Lido the one that’s rated one of the top beaches in the country? It honestly is very pleasant, I’d go more often if I had transportation/time/energy/even a tiny bit of willpower. Still, I wonder how they rate beaches. Is there a committee?

  2. I think that’s Siesta Key that’s usually one of the most highest rated—Trip Advisor puts Lido at 22 out of 25 for the U.S., which is fair if you’re comparing it to the Keys or Hawaii. But CNN has a list too and seems very biased towards Northeastern beaches. It just goes to show you there’s no real way to rate something so subjective (and I suppose it depends on what you’re looking for in a beach).
    Personally, I want to see some Greek beaches someday.

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