A Walk on Lido Beach

CIMG5449 CIMG5550

Going to Lido was a real pleasure. I don’t know about the rest of you, but between college and work I don’t get to commune with nature that much . Visiting places like this — areas that are relatively large and pristine — reminds me why people wax rhapsodic about the healing properties of the sea and wilderness. I admit I’m one of those people who gets very sentimental about the sea. There’s something about the sound of the waves, and the feeling of sand in your toes… it was even worth the pain of putting my socks back on over sandy feet.


CIMG5438 CIMG5441

This raccoon enjoyed his pick of yummy trash with no regard for us. How rude!



The birds also seemed completely unperturbed by humans. I saw gulls and herons strolling right past fishermen and picnickers. The great blue heron (?) above let us walk up with our cameras until we were only a few paces away. Even when it flew off it seemed leisurely; it was obviously not frightened.

I’d say that this “tameness” of the wildlife was the biggest visible impact of human presence on Lido Beach, as opposed to the trash all over Indian Beach.


…which is not to say that there wasn’t a decent garbage medley sprinkled across the premises, including this syringe that Diana found.

CIMG5496 CIMG5497 CIMG5505


I guess this starfish was dead, but it was still interesting to look at. I feel more inspired to draw when I see the complexity of the structure in even such a small organism. Its other side was light brown with a speckled pattern that was clearly designed to make it indistinguishable from the sand it lived on.


Did anyone ever find out what the deal was with these bees?


Seeing the live horseshoe crab was another treat. Their locomotion is amazing! And for some reason the wiggly tail still amuses me. Another quietly awe-inspiring moment… running into this living link to pre-history.

I’m glad we went to Lido for selfish reasons — it was just fun, and a nice opportunity to get some fresh air. But I also think it is important for all of us to go out like that every once in a while, so we remember that there are things even in our own back yard that are worth protecting.


One thought on “A Walk on Lido Beach

  1. awesome pictures. the horseshoe crab was defiantly neat and I’m surprised how fast they move.I thought they would be way more sluggish. It is interesting that the great blue herons are really unfazed by people. back home you cant get anywhere near to them.

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