Remember that horseshoe crab?

Remember that horseshoe crab?

You guys remember that horseshoe crab we saw while walking through the mangroves? What if I told you that crab has been keeping mankind alive for decades and we didn’t even know it? 

I was floored by this article. I’ve never heard of a scientific use for this animal, thinking they were just a really cool, prehistoric looking creature with a neato shell. I never expected that they would have blue blood that saves us from harmful bacteria in practically everything.


2 thoughts on “Remember that horseshoe crab?

  1. That was a very interesting article to read. I am a bit worried for their population now though. im happy that after they take some blood they return them though they probably dont feel the best after, if it makes it so that there are less females to mate that is worrying. i wonder if they could stop bleeding just the females to make sure the population doesn’t drop. im also interested to see when they come up with a synthetic solution to this. though it is very neat that their blood can do that.

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