This was my first time ever being that far down south on lido beach. Ive only been to normal lido beach once and that was at night so i didnt really get the full experience. But this trip was very nice even with all the sand in my shoes. There was a lot more people than i expected but less human impact such as garbage than indian beach. though this beach did have a lot of trash cans so maybe that helps. also our little raccoon friend was nice. the garbage i did see was mostly some food wrappers. i did find a hook and a needle though so that can be dangerous to everyone. there was lots of interesting stuff coming up with the water where we walked. lots of sea shells and sea grass? i found a star fish that was missing a limb. I also thought the mangrove trail we took was amazing. i just loved the way it looked i would love to go back when its not as overcast. Still unsure about the bees we saw and stuff but that was neat too and so were the little bridges and streams. i wonder how the man made bridges has affected the wildlife in the area. we also saw an alive horse shoe crab as opposed to indian beach where we just saw the exoskeleton. and it was really interesting to see how the move and that theyre like little vacuums. overall it was very interesting and a very nice trip.


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