Indian Beach Trip

I for one felt like a 10 year-old again.  Running around in the water and curious about everything.  I enjoyed walking along the beach and I remembered how much I miss the sea.  I live right next to it but I have not time what so ever to enjoy it.  I looked for starfish but I was not able to find any.  I don’t think I would manage to find any because the sun was up so high up, I know they usually like to come out around dusk or dawn.  I was looking at the different layers of vegetation present in the water.  At first the shore is very rocky covered with mossy pebbles and then there is a patch of sandy terrain shaped by the currents and after that some sea grass is present.  That was as far as I could see although i think that the sea grass continued and was joined by more different maybe bigger types of vegetation and other sea weed species.


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