Indian Beach

I really enjoyed going to Indian beach last week. Even though I’d been there before, I didn’t know what to expect as we were going for an academic study. Turned out to be as relaxing and enjoyable as any of the other times I had visited there. I waded through the water for most of the time trying to look for something interesting like a shark tooth. I didn’t really find much like some of the others but I did find a chunk of coral sponge which looked something like this, but with a lot of algae build up.

Image                 Guess it was fitting that I found something I read about earlier for my previous post. 

I found what the others found more intriguing, like the sea squirt and sea urchins. It was fascinating how no one realized there were a ton of tiny black snails all over the rocks in one area of the beach until someone pointed it out. Goes to show how some small live forms can go unnoticed.



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