Indian Beach

Of all the Florida beaches I have visited I find Indian Beach in particular to be quite fascinating. Upon arrival one immediately notices the thick layer of natural flotsam and remnants of ocean life along the shoreline. One could even say that the surface of the shoreline is made almost entirely out of shell fragments and other forms of natural detritus from the ocean. With each visit to this beach I manage to come across more and more horseshoe crab remnants. These crab remains range in size vastly, the smallest I’ve seen being no bigger than my thumb whereas the largest were about the size of my hand. I have always been interested in the intricate underside of these creatures. I’m also fascinated by the concave dish shape that is their outer carapace. There’s something about their overall shape and anatomy that seems prehistoric, as if they were living fossils. I have read that the blood of these creatures, which is blue, has medicinal elements. I plan to visit Indian Beach more often and continue to observe the various artifacts that can be found along the shore.



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