Elephants have feelings too!


With the hunting of the African elephant on the rise, scientists proved a new characteristic of elephants with a series of experiments  Each year, thousands of elephants getting, shot, poisoned, speared for one thing everybody desperately wants: ivory.  Elephant poaching for ivory has gotten so bad that the African elephant is under serious danger. Earlier this month, we learned that the West African country of Gabon has lost more than half its elephants—11,000—in the last ten years alone.  The elephants cannot fight against us, they are doomed to lose this battle.

That is why these new characteristics that are observed througouht all the elephant species is really important.  In Kenya, researchers have watched mother elephants and other adult females help baby elephants climb up muddy banks and out of holes, find a safe path into a swamp, or break through electrified fences.

Scientists have spotted elephants assisting others that are injured, plucking out tranquilizing darts from their fellows, and spraying dust on others’ wounds.




3 thoughts on “Elephants have feelings too!

  1. It’s really depressing that elephants are being hunted down and killed so often that one day they might just go extinct, which hopefully is not in our lifetime but poachers are disgustingly desperate to get that stupid ivory. Aside from humans,dolphins,and other species, elephants are one of the most emotionally complex and passionate animals that anyone can have the pleasure of seeing. They’ve shown the capability to express multiple emotions like happiness,sorrow,etc. They’ve been observed to perform funerals for their deceased by placing dirt and branches on their bodies. I mean if that doesn’t show a form of high emotional capability and intelligence then I don’t even know.

  2. There are similar problems with Asian elephants too.The numbers may not match Africa but it is essential to set the figures in context. There are far fewer Asian elephants than African to begin with: approximately 40,000 compared to 400,000. Also, only male Asian elephants have tusks of any substantial size, which is one of the main reasons that they have not been poached to quite the same extent. This has resulted in a dangerous imbalance between males and females, down to as few as 1 to 100 in some areas

  3. The title of this post reminds me of a documentary I saw way back then, I think people were testing the intelligent of the elephants by putting a mirror in front of them, and the experiment shows that elephant are in fact highly intelligent beings and self-aware just like dolphins.
    I don’t think this is the one I saw but it’s the closest I can find online:

    and also here’s another one for dolphin:

    This make me so sad and angry, of what humans have done to our planet, all the horrible things merely just to satisfy our own desire.

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