Indian Beach Trip

I’ve been to Indian Beach at least twice already, but visiting there for class was more of an experience than those last couples times I’ll admit. Indian Beach is a small but quaint little area here in Sarasota and besides the pieces of trash you may find littering it’s shore it’s a nice beach. During our visit for class I saw more than I thought I would while walking along the sand and wading through the water due to the low tide. Indian Beach, despite its size, has a wide assortment of biodiversity. I managed to see a lot of interesting animals and vegetation, and even took some pictures of the various discoveries I and the other students made.

Indian Beach Sealife

Among the sea life present at the beach there was a number of little black bivalves (I think they were clams) digging around in the wet sand. They seemed to like smothering themselves into the algae patches that were littering the sanded in the waters.

Sea Squirt?

One of the other students in my class had picked up what is supposedly a Sea Squirt. The little guy was strangely cute despite it’s somewhat grotesque appearance and I’d love to learn about the species further since they’re such odd looking things. If this little guy is anything similar to a sea cucumber though I wouldn’t want to get near it’s “mouth”.


While I was walking through the waters at Indian Beach I also happened upon what looked like a couple Anemone. Think “Finding Nemo” and you’d probably remember the more colorful and larger anemone relative to this little guy. It’s a fascinating animal and it’d really funny that so many people confuse the species as a harmless sort of “sea plant”. They’re actually pretty badass. The anemone uses it’s tentacles to capture prey and they also use venom to defend themselves or stun prey. I’m not sure if all anemone are venomous but I wouldn’t poke at one just in case.


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