Indian Beach

The trip to indian beach was different than I expected. I have lived in Florida since I was 8 and been to every beach in Sarasota there is to go to, I’ve even been to indian beach a few times before but closer to nightfall. Seeing it during the day and really exploring it was a different experience. Indian beach is not the ind of beach you to go to get a tan. Thats what I like about it, other than the sea wall out it the beach is kept pretty natural and not a lot of maintenance is done, unlike siesta where the beach has to be accessible to lots of people.  I found lots of little tiny creatures just thriving there. Sea urchins everywhere, something I haven’t seen much of. Rock is something I don’t se a lot on other beaches as well, with all the little creatures that live on rock, most were little snails. Something I really though was different was the algae build up. I have never seen fluffy algae like that anywhere besides lakes, never by an ocean. So far for my awareness project I’m thinking to rase awareness of what can happen to an ecosystem when it if left untouched by human hand, and what happens when we intervene. 





2 thoughts on “Indian Beach

  1. Those are some nice photos! Seeing the horseshoe crab exoskeletons was a real treat, I think. If there had been a bunch lying around I would have played with them a lot more, as it’s super interesting how the different parts articulate. You can just imagine some Redwall-type scenario where a critter of some sort fashions cool armor out of these cast-off shells.

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