Indian Beach Trip


The trip to Indian Beach for me was very interesting. It happened on probably the worst day of my life but i tried to enjoy it the best i could.  one of the first thing we found was a horseshoe crab shell. or rather an exoskeleton, or what we think was an exoskeleton. apparently If the shell is split in the front along the seam between top and bottom edges, it’s a molt. A horseshoe crab must go through 16 molts (17 if it’s a female) to reach adulthood. Since they molt only 1 to 2 times a year after the first few years, that means they aren’t adults until they’re 8-10 years old! The length of their lifespan is uncertain but they can live at least 20 years according to article i read. all very interesting. later on into the trip we found the larger exoskeleton which is the one you see most predominantly in the picture.  i also found a feather as you can see.  overall there was a lot of human impact at the beach, there were erosion walls and other man made structures. there was also a lot of trash. i think someone went around with a bag and by the end it was full of trash. i remember also seeing colorful sparkly sand that wasn’t suppose to be there. overall it was very interesting to see everything that everyone found. after the break i have a few more photos of things we saw.


this is just the seaweed algae? that we saw on the rocks. i liked to call them little Fabios.


and this was what was left of a dead jellyfish we found. when we were trying to figure out what it was i poked it with my pen and now my pen has ickys on it. thanks jellyfish.


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