When you want something so bad, that you’ll go blind for it…

When you want something so bad, that you'll go blind for it...

Daniel Zurek and Cole Gilbert at Cornell University have been studying the Tiger Beetle for years now: an animal that runs so fast when it runs after its prey, it literally blinds itself.

Beetles have the incredible capacity of sprinting really fast when chasing after their prey or mate; Tiger Beetles specifically can run up to 5 mph, covering a distance amounting to their body’s length up to 120 times — in other words, really really fast. When they do, it becomes basically impossible for them to identify anything, essentially making the world a giant blur to them — a disadvantage that contradicts the entire concept of being able to move at that rate and speed.
However, the inability to see when chasing after their food doesn’t necessarily mean these critters are about to die out of starvation any time soon: As they run, they will often stop to verify their directions,or checking their map-quest, its not certain yet which one. They go so fast that they could literally stop 10 times and still managed to get what they were after.
Nature is so silly sometimes.


4 thoughts on “When you want something so bad, that you’ll go blind for it…

  1. I didnt even know beetles could sprint or move fast in any way! the ones i find in my yard have always just been so slow and lazy when i watch them. thats so interesting to hear! though i guess i never saw them going after prey. and its interesting that they “go blind” temporarily, and stop to see where theyre going.

  2. Seeing the way palmetto bugs and cockroaches scurry around my house at night, I believe it. It’s amazing the bizarre things that insects are capable of and how often it comes at a sacrifice to themselves.

  3. I’ve seen some fast bugs in my life so far but these little guys are like the Sonic of the beetle world. How the heck can it move so fast like that with such a small body? I wonder if it’s joints are super enforced to be able to move it’s body at such a high speed. I’d love to see how fast it would move if it were the size of a horse though. It would probably make an ostrich look slow I bet.

  4. holy crap. and i thought roaches were fast–i just caught one in the middle of class and when i flicked it out of the cup i caught it in, I COULDN’T SEE IT FLY OUT. i have no idea where it went–SO FAST!!!?!? to learn about this beetle…holy crap lol. that’s too funny. it makes me think of those fainting goats when they get scared haha

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