A Giraffe Named Marius


Marius was a giraffe only 18 months-old and on death row in the Copenhagen zoo.  Due  to the European Endangered Species Programme (EEP) which dictates that facilities can’t have too many giraffes with the same genes.  The announcement of the decision caused a huge international uproar.  Tens of thousand of signatures hoped that the petition that they participated would help however they found out on February 9th that it would be ignored by the Copenhagen zoo.  The zoo also ignored several offers for a new home for Marius in other zoos.  After Marius was shot by a handgun on the head by his keeper, a public autopsy was performed on him which aimed to educate the visitors about the anatomy of the giraffe.


Now there is talk of a second giraffe in the same position.  A giraffe in Jyllands Park zoo in Denmark had been put on “death row” just like Marius. After all the uproar Marius’ death caused, however, recently the park announced that they will not be euthanizing said giraffe.  They made a statement talking about how all the statements towards euthanizing was purely in response to hypothetical situations and any situation requiring the giraffe to be euthanized is not a reality.









2 thoughts on “A Giraffe Named Marius

  1. This makes me want to know more about the European Endangered Species Programme and their polices. especially if other zoos were volunteering to take the animal. do they have control over other animals besides endangered animals because im not sure if the giraffe is endangered or not? though i guess its good they used the body to help educate people though i guess they didnt educate them about the head much since its been shot through? not sure how much would be left after? I think its good that the other zoo isnt going to euthanize the other giraffe, if anything they could give it to another zoo or a wild life preserve.

  2. Well, this post reminds me that Human is the top of the food chain and also makes me very frustrated. I did not mean we are the one who can do anything with preys. We are on the top of the food chain, but it also dose not mean we can kill anything on the earth. We cannot control the life and death. It is so unfair that they just killed the giraffe because of the only one reason: they are too many and all same. I think if God was in there, he might be laughing very roundly. This is so hilarious. How it can be the reason of killing animals?

    Human has more developed animal than others. We can control them with more intelligent way. As we can saw at the science of dog, yes, we CAN control life and death. However, We can crossbreed the dogs and create new dog with better abilities. In the process, many dogs are died and birthed. If we want to control the life and death, it always brings benefits for the species. Nevertheless, I could not see any point of killing Marius. There is no benefit for the poor giraffe. The butcher killed the giraffe in front of people and peed the body to lions. Is it look like the behavior of the most intelligent species in the world?

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