True Facts About the Aye-Aye

Haha. This guy is funny and always shares the most interesting facts about animals. His “True Facts” vids always show the best adaptive species.


2 thoughts on “True Facts About the Aye-Aye

  1. This guy name Ze Frank is pretty awesome! I have been following this guy’s channel for a while. I think he’s more of a comedian, but I really appreciate what he’s doing here at his Youtube channel; He uses the very basic knowledge of some interestingly unfamiliar species and presents them with entertaining clips and descriptions. Most animals he chooses are the most adaptable but also very uncommon, not that anything we can found in a zoo or just out at somebody’s backyard. From a more approachable comic narrative, he was able to raise the public awareness of animals and nature. There has been a numbers of individuals on Youtube like Ze Frank who have dedicated themselves to science education online through videos, for example Vsauce, The brainscoops, Asap Science, It’s Ok to be Smart, Dnews… They explain the science through their eyes and understanding, turning Youtube into a very potential tool for scientific education, and instead of just a place with silly viral videos, science can be fun too, and entertaining! These people are turning the Internet a better place I think.

  2. So glad people are familiar with his videos! You’re right, they’re very educational yet basic enough for anyone to understand, and entertaining enough to not be boring. 🙂 I learn about the more unknown species from him so fast within minutes haha

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