The Scientific Cuteness of Dogs

So recently I saw an article in the Huffington Post entitled “These 19 Adorably Awkward Mixed Breed Dogs Will Make You Love Mutts Even More.” It listed off some obscure, even unnamable breed mixes that have created some of the cutest mixes I have ever seen. But there is one thing I’ve noticed after watching the dog breeding video in class and seeing this article, the functionality of dogs seems to be becoming obsolete.

Breeds were originally made to fit a certain “job description” around the world. Border Collies were herders, German Shepherds for search and rescue, and so on. There have always been those breeds indented for luxury as well, usually known as lap dogs or purse pups, but that was the intent of their being made. Now, people are breeding all sorts of dogs together not for their sense of smell or obedience, but for their looks. It’s like plastic surgery in mating form.

What worries me is soon, there will be no such thing as a purebred dog, that good, functional qualities in a dog will become hard to find or develop or continue in the offspring. When that time comes, how will we make the next necessary type of dog for our needs? The bomb sniffing dog of Russia will become harder to produce, as well as herding dogs or even police K9 units, a large part of our protection in the country.

I open this up for discussion. No one knows what the future may bring, but at the rate we’re going with these dogs, it might bring an end to a functional four legged friend.


One thought on “The Scientific Cuteness of Dogs

  1. I really liked that article there were soo many cute dogs! i liked the Horgi the best! As for your post itself as long as the breeding of dogs doesnt breed into it genes or things that are harmful to the dog i see no problem with mix breeding. I highly doubt that someday there would be no pure bred dogs because of how strict dog shows are and how most breeders are that dogs are pure bred and absolutely perfect. also for the bomb dogs and such dogs that are specifically bred for those things people wouldnt start suddenly breeding trained dogs with other types of dogs and if they did they would be breeding for traits so even if they breed out a certain type of bomb sniffing dog the dog would still be able to bomb sniff. for dogs with jobs they breed for traits for pure bred dogs they breed for looks.

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