The Evolution of Evolution




When watching a video like The Science of Dogs it’s hard not to believe in Evolution. I feel at this point in our scientific community Evolution should no longer be called a theory because it’s fact. As seen in the NOVA video, animals have evolved to survive in their particular environment.  Humans should know by now that we are no exception to this cycle. However dogs have proved that we have reached a point where not only natural selection is fact, but it is no longer natural. Humans have advanced to the point where we control natural selection. We manipulate genes and DNA to create the size, color and shape we want our dog to be. We’ve even started to be able to do this in humans with eye and hair color. Bio is merging with technology and creating advanced control over our DNA. Some say this will become advanced enough to cure all illness and injury, to the point where dying is no longer an issue. Evolution in nature deserves so much research and thought because it potential in our daily lives in enormous. I think this technology could not only be used on animals but on plants. When talking about evolution you never learn enough about plant evolution and how plants ended up surviving on our planet. This could give us the information we need to save out planets environment. When I first learned about evolution it changed my life and made me think about life in a whole new way, a new understanding. The fact that this wasn’t taught in high school or middle school at all really upsets me. We cant teach life changing information because of an unproven truth? Our technology has unlimited potential, it’s only limit is us. 


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