Survival of the cutest

I find Science of dogs really interesting but I have to state that the way the information was presented seem very disturbing to me at the sometime. But let’s back up a little bit.

As Charles Darwin had stated, human have maintained of useful animals around their places of habitat since pre-historic time. However not until around the time of industrial revolution did human start to realize how far they can go to modify the environment around us; or not just the environment, perhaps our best friends, dog? Or perhaps ourselves, holocaust? eugenics? The 19th century was an exciting time but also a terrifying one. Modern human refuse to adapt. We are such egotistic beings, when it comes down to survival; we are always at the head of this game of manipulation. We refuse to hide, refuse to run, instead, we picked up our tools and we change the world around us. On the other hand, it is even more exciting to know that the genes of dogs can be so easily manipulated, so adaptable that I could almost believe that dogs are made for us.

Human genetically engineered dog into some thing that benefit us whether technically or emotionally. However I started to question that could the interaction between humans and dogs might as well accidentally taught dogs how to manipulate human in some way. A lot of supporters of dog breeding believe that human is also part of the nature, after all those who adapt to the human society are also those who can adapt to the nature. It is hard for me to say whether I share the same belief or not. But I believe that when human beings are gone, dogs will survive.


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