Little human with four feet

Science of Dog remand me a memory of my friend. My friend K is completely dog-person, so she loves them. She has her precious dog, Cessi. Her family also loves the dog, so sometimes he acts like a king of the world. Everyone loves him. –I am not an animal lover, so I did not care about him. I think that is why he does not like me. –But the dog changes my thinking of dogs. I think they are just royal and lovely animal. I did not think they are similar with us. Even if they are so clever and royal, they are just “Animal.” Never be treated like real human. We do not have to. However, an interesting happening with this little guy changes my mind. 

One day, one of K’s group members asked to take care her dog while her vacation. Of cause K the dog lover accepted it. The other dog was a puppy, so his cuteness almost killed K. She was deeply fascinated. Few days later, she went to Cessi’s animal hospital. The doctor said Cessi is losing weight. K did not understand why. After vacation was over, K’s friend took back her dog. K was so disappointed but she realized one thing. Cessi gains weight! At that time, she realized he got so much stress. He was so jealous about the other dog! I did not believe when K told that, but when K brings the other dog into her house, Cessi always loses weight. He also got stress when a baby comes into the house, because everyone loves the other! Not him. Oh my gosh. They act and think like people! After that, I treat him very politely. –It dose not mean I was not polite before! –

The video, Science of Dog, shows me that people studied a lot of dogs and breeds them and make more friendly dogs with human. So it is very natural that the dogs understand human feelings, communicate with people like human, and acting like human.






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