My Title Called Dogs

I’ve seen “Science of Dogs” twice now. As fascinating as it is how much people put time into breeding them, sometimes I wonder if we have the right to do that. I see its benefits in rescuing people or protecting people from intruders/ferocious animals, but sometimes it makes me feel uneasy that we put them in dog shows and of course the hidden dog fights (not that all of us do that). Or, for example, we can domesticate wolves so easily, as demonstrated  in the documentary. How easily their mind changes and how they depend on us. Since science over the years have proved that animals have feelings and DO get affected by us, I can’t help but question how much our science affects the true, wild nature of them…

Anyway, so, my dog is a border collie named Fern. She’s around 14 years old as of now. Her “clingy” behavior varies on the activity. Meaning, she doesn’t care about you. Haha. Unless you’re throwing a ball, she won’t care what you do–but if you throw it in a pattern she finds predictable, or if you don’t throw it far enough, she’ll just stand there and look at you. Not in a begging way, but more like, “REALLY?” (She also does this hysterical thing where if she does go receive the ball, she’ll only meet you halfway, then just lays there with the ball at her feet, expecting you to come to HER). When we’re hiking, Fern definitely shows the typical border collie’s “herding” behavior–she’ll trot around us, run ahead of us but look at us, or stay behind us, making sure we’re all together. She spends her day barking at horses and dogs on the TV or our neighbor riding by on a real horse; sitting there and staring up at who knows what on the blank ceiling (sometimes it’s the reflection of my dad’s glass of wine or something, lol); or just wandering around in our mountainous home all day without any dependency on us until she wants food lol.

The following photo was from this Winter break. Fern believes  snowballs are real,  so when one disappears into the snow, she’ll scoop the snow out with her front paws, going backwards, thinking the snowball is still in there. lol. This is her camera-shy, but anticipating more snowballs. lol

1499450_10152112848400915_621454718_n 1458706_10152112847885915_17992037_n

My girlfriend’s mom’s pet, Meesha, is a long-haired chihuahau. Because the mother BABIES THE CRAP OUT OF HER, Meesha whines the moment she’s out of sight. One time we left her for a few hours in the bathroom behind her dog gate. When we came back, the puny runt ate through that thick gate!!! However, it’s because her “mom” does everything with her and takes her everywhere, even sometimes to work; she carries Meesha in those purse/dog cages. They are great sleeping companions as long as you know where they are under the covers. It gets nerve-racking whenever I hear a yelp lol. They also are fun to cuddle with watching TV, but will hiss and snarl at the dogs coming near. Meesha will just flail those tiny paws expecting it’ll hurt the crap out of the Great Dane or brown Labrador. lol….She will constantly fight with Susie Q, a Chihuahua Yorkie of a friend they decided to adopt. Over nothing, usually. You’ll walk in the house and suddenly see two little bodies missile into each other from opposite ends of the earth right in front of you. It’s surprising how fast and ferocious these little things are. Bratty, but lovable.



2 thoughts on “My Title Called Dogs

  1. It is interesting to note how a behavior is bred into a dog. Border collies are obviously herders and very athletic and smart and will apply this behavior into their every activity. My dog, a lhasa apso, was originally bred to warn the actual attack guard dogs. They were bred to sit around and bark at everything and that’s it. And that is what my dog still does, regardless of all logic or sense. She doesn’t even enjoy playing very much, has never been one to run around except after a bath, and really has no interest in anything except being by her people, lying around and barking.

  2. I think breeding dogs is a work of genious! Well of course nowadays breed dogs are merely a good way to get well mannered dogs specific to breed and it is a huge problem due to the fact that they narrowed their gene pool. But when I keep on thinking the about the reason behind this and how much it helped the people on the older days. Every dog had a reason to be bred and I think in the right conditions this is a great asset.

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