I Love that the video we watch was about dogs, and it was very interesting to learn about how most dog breeds today were made by us. Dogs are probably my favorite domesticated animal and i love learning about them. The image with this post is a picture of my dog Lucky who is also clearly a business man. We found him next to a garbage bin at the dump when i was 11. we’ve had him about 10 years. we think he’s a Pomeranian mixed with chihuahua?   In class someone else mentioned their dog has an anxiety disorder and that made me think about my own dog. My dog always follows my mom around and get very anxious when he can’t see her or doesnt know where she is.when she leaves the house he’ll jump onto the couch to look out the window and wait their looking out the window and sometimes cries till she gets back. I think this comes from him being abandoned when he was little at the dump where we found him. Does anyone elses dog do anything similar? It was interesting in the video the one dog that spins and how that was bred into them , i wonder if someday that will be common for a lot of dogs or if they will find someway to not pass that along. Does anyone have any dog stories to share?


One thought on “Doggies!

  1. My dog, Coco is six years old. He used to be a crazy hyper dog, not so much anymore, but his touchy feely attitude has never changed. He always has to be touching someone to feel safe. So whenever he comes back from a walk, he’ll march in to the living room where I’ll be watching tv, he’ll jump on the couch and boom, his butt is on my cheek. This dog has NO sense of personal space haha!

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