The Fight Against GMOs

Burning Crops


In the international arena, the fight against GMOs has taken a hopeful turn. Hungary has recently burned over one thousand acres of GMO crops. Hungary is one of the few European countries that has banned all GMO types (seeds and crops). During the investigation, controllers found that the biotech pioneer Monsanto was the key provider for these seeds that were planted in Hungary.

Because there is a free movement of goods policy within the EU, the authorities will not be able to investigate how the seeds arrived in Hungary, but they will check where the goods can be found. Soon after this discovery and burning, it was reported that two of the biggest international seed producing companies are affected in this matter and the GMO seeds could have been planted within up to thousands of hectares within Hungary. Many of the local farmers are outraged that they have discovered the GMO seeds within in their own crops. And with the season already under way, it is impossible to replant new seeds, so this harvest has already been ruined.

And to make things even worse for the farmers, the company that distributed the seeds in Baranya county is under liquidation. Therefore, if any compensation is paid by the international seed producers, the money will be paid primarily to that company’s creditors, rather than the farmers.

This outrageous style of “agricultural warfare” must cease and desist immediately, if companies like Monsanto cannot answer for their crimes against humanity, then I am not sure what else we can do.


4 thoughts on “The Fight Against GMOs

  1. I support the elimination of GMO seeds. GMO is not natural and it is not healthy and every country should follow in Hungary’s lead. Yet no one is going to if this is the amount of trouble they are getting for it. It is literally warfare, those awful companies sneaking their seeds into farmers crops and ruining the whole harvest, then not be able to offer any compensation. This is a perfect example of how humans think thye have rights and options and freedom, yet big corporation are really the ones holding all the strings. This needs to come to an end so every major corporation that abusing our rights is shut down.

  2. Although it’s unfortunate that an entire season’s harvest is essentially being wasted I fully support the expunging of Monsanto’s presence anywhere it may be. It’s surprising how few people that I know are aware of this company’s evil ways, and I come from St.Louis, which is where their lair is situated. More people need to know the ramifications of growing Monsanto’s genetically manipulated crops.

  3. I got a nutritional allergy test two years ago due to frequent stomach problems, turns out that I am level 4 gluten intolerant (level 5 being celiac disease, which prevents a person from eating any wheat what-so-ever). I looked up gluten allergies and realized that new allergic reactions to wheat have been particularly high over the last 5-6 years. There was an article which related these incidents to GMO’s. Bodies used to a certain chemicals from wheat tend to react when they encounter genetically modified wheat. I think this is a very important incident. What’s going to happen when our bodies react more and more to these GMO’s? What if the reaction is way worse then a gassy stomach or nausea?

  4. I understand the GMO crops are possible to cause a lot of diseases and allergies, but I think it is not a big deal. Well, I think eating GMO crops is better than eating junk foods. GMO crops dose not mean mutant potato or corn. That means scientist adjust a tiny thing that inside of the seed. I agree that the ‘adjusted tiny thing’ could causes a serious problem, but we cannot survive with clean and healthy food anymore. I could not always buy the organic foods for my dinner. Organic carrots are double price than just carrot. I-I am not sure that was GMO carrots or not- Human spend the resources of the earth lighting fast, so very soon, the only thing that we can eat will be the GMO crop. Because of that, the scientists researched about the crops and try to prevent the harmful effects. We should better to revise the crops than just abandon.

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