The Cove

A Dolphin’s smile is the ultimate deception. Many of us, like myself, would have gone to an aquarium or Sea World and figured that by the dolphin’s cheerful look, smile, splashing, and flips – that these marine mammals would be happy. But after viewing “The Cove” I now have a whole new view of the matter now that I know the truth about where the captive dolphins come from. Dolphin shows and exhibits are a million, if not billion dollar industry, a good and ideal dolphin sells for hundreds if not thousands of dollars. However, “The Cove tells us about where some of those dolphins come from. A small town in japan that looks as if it worships whales and dolphins – lots of secret police and other barricades, hide the horrific truth that dolphins are being cornered into a secluded cove where few are caught and many are slaughtered.

This is sickening! I haven’t watched a film or documentary in a long time where I had a knot in my chest. This is so very sad. Thanks to this film, I now feel differently about places such as Sea World and aquariums that house dolphins. I now know why PETA threatened to protest a Sea World float at the Macy’s parade

More people need to know the truth about the dolphins. Although I didn’t get to see the full feature of The Cove, I certainly hope that the slaughtering in Japan stopped.