Organic Food


I remember several years ago when I tried a piece of organic chicken as a free sample at a grocery store. For me, it was terrible and it turned me away from organic food forever. It does make me wonder though, if someone is so used to the processed food and regular products at the store – if are body is so used to it that it rejects the taste of organic products.. .

However, I did find some positives about organic food:

1: Nutrition:

Care and maintenance of soil, and preventive farming methods like crop rotation create fruits and vegetables that contain up to 50% more vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients than intensively farmed foods. Encouraging natural and organic farming methods and gardening practices, will allow organic soil to rebuild and contribute healthy vitamins and minerals to feed the crops, and you. Organic foods have higher levels of many disease-fighting antioxidants and essential vitamins, including Vitamin C.

2: Reduction and Prevention of Allergies and Diseases.

Industrial pesticides and fertilizers used in intensive farming contain synthetic, toxic chemicals, residues of which remain in the food they are involved in producing.

3: No Genetically Modified Ingredients.

One of the major advantages of organic food is the fact that it is not genetically modified. Very little data actually exists regarding the safety of genetic modification and there are grave concerns that the negative effects are being ignored because of the huge profits these controversial production methods generate.

4: Better Environment:


The advantages of organic food and farming reach far beyond our own health and well-being. Organic food is safer for the entire planet. The procedures and methods used in organic farming protect the structure and the nutrient content of the soil and preserve its worth over time.

5: Saving Wildlife:

Organic farming methods and practices are also beneficial to wildlife, unlike commercial methods of food production. The synthetic, toxic chemicals used in commercial farming can be deadly to birds and other wild animals that depend on the land for food.

There are some great benefits from organic food, but since I’m a picky eater…





One thought on “Organic Food

  1. My mom always makes me buy organic food. Personally, in college, my idea of a diet is pure sacrifice. Sacrificing my dietary health for my work. I just know that this is going to bite me in the but in the next 10 or more years. I can’t afford the time to travel to any grocery store other than Walmart and my taste buds are never in a good mood to think about health over pleasure due to lack of sleep and amount of stress.

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