Blackfish is the type of movie, like Dirt or The Cove, that once you see it, it changes how you think humans treat the world around us. I remember walking out of this movie, that actually premiered here at the Sarasota Film Festival, and feeling both depressed and informed. It was an interesting balance of feeling bad for how we, as human beings,  treat the world and how we really don’t realize that many of these “attractions” that are provided for our entertainment have a dark underbelly and unsettling history.

This movie, in a broad sense, is about SeaWorld and how it involved into the entertainment powerhouse/animal prison that it is today. I know that sounds harsh, but watch this movie and you will be singing the very same tune. In a much more detailed sense, this movie is about the events of one single Orca whale, named Tilikum, and how one show at SeaWorld changed how people are viewing this sort of so-called “entertainment”.

I highly recommend this movie, it may not have any effect on how you view SeaWorld, but hopefully it gets you thinking about how as humans, being the most powerful (by that I mean capable of causing the most rapid change) species on this planet, we have a huge responsibility in maintaining a balance within our world. Hope you all get to see this movie!! It is fantastic!!




4 thoughts on “Blackfish

  1. I haven’t seen this movie (I’ll start there), but I have seen the Cove and Dirt, and I know what type of documentary this is.
    Orcas (Killer Whales) are my absolute favorite animal. I have such respect for these creatures. What drove me to comment on this was the simple fact that these types of movies/documentaries are not advertised nor do they receive the attention they deserve.
    I know I probably sound like every other animal lover out there, but I sincerely believe that things like these do have consequences. If we don’t take care of them, we will ultimately be the ones paying for it.

  2. I watched this documentary two times. I just feel so guilty going to SeaWorld even though I was only a little girl at the time, but what is anyone to believe when they force feed you false information. For example, the trainers are told to tell the audience that the orca live longer in captivity; to about 25 years of age. The truth is though is that they can live up to 80 years.
    I went to the Puget Sound of the cost of Washington state to see the killer whales. They take strict care and observation of the the resident and transient killer whales. They know They family tree of each pod. They can also identify individual killer whales by the saddle markings that are behind their dorsal fin. Anyways, this is how they know they can reach up to 80 years in the wild.
    The numbers are there. The fact that a facility which is being mislead too seem educational but instead they lie to the faces of thousands of people is enough of a red flag for me.

  3. I recently watched the Blackfish documentary as well. For a while now I’ve been aware of how humans have mistreated many whale and dolphin species but watching this and seeing how Orca pods were basically hunted down and had their young taken from them for the sake of entertainment in sea animal disgusted me. Back then of course, as the documentary had shown, people weren’t aware of how intelligent and emotional orcas really were(which still doesn’t excuse their actions). Now though, science and biology have shown just how sentient and smart these animals really are it’s only an amount of time before many of us start to see how truly disturbing it is that we capture and cage such amazing creatures. I also really feel that people should just keep away from any animal that shows a heightened sense of intelligence and emotional capability and it should never, ever be placed into an unfair confinement like a cage in a zoo or aquarium.

  4. I recently watched the movie! With one word it is plain SCARY. I kept on scrolling forward because I thought that they were going to show something gory. This is one of those things where I feel like is happening in plain sight! The way they tell the story if so very powerful. My eyes have definitely been opened. I remember as a kid I went to Miami around 8. Had the whole Sea World experience and saw the trainers dive off of gigantic killer whales. I cannot believe the things that were actually happening behind the curtains. I think I might have seen Tilikum in person, maybe not, but I do remember seeing a killer whale with a flopped fin and thought that that was a sad thing for some reason. Now I know.

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