100% Vegan?

Being a girl and not a stinky boy, I love soap. I especially when the soap is vegan and not tested on animals. I would much rather have humans take the fall for fail products than animals, no offence to humans. But think of the bunnies! Anyway, so what is this magical vegan soap? Why, Lush of course! They have such weird stuff, man. Like shampoo jellies, bath bombs (which are the best), foam bars, and all of this is totally vegan and no animals were harmed to create their products! Just people! It’s great! Plus it smells wonderful. Mmm. Not to mention, Lush is also on a crusade to remove all palm oil from its products to protect forests and the inhabitants that live there. Such as the orangutan.

There is a debate over whether or not Lush is 100% vegan. Why, you ask? Because they utilize lanolin in their products. WHAT IS LANOLIN? YOU ASK! Well, it’s also known as wool wax. It’s what repels water from the sheep’s wool when it gets wet.  When a sheep is sheared the wool is taken and processed by running it between rollers, which squeeze the lanolin out of the wool. The wool that is left behind is then used to make felt or yarn, and the wax has many uses, such as: water repellants, rust proofers, lubricants, and many cosmetics purposes.

This is not a violent process. Does it make it wrong simply because it has an animal product? I don’t think so. I think it’s the same as adding honey or milk to products, it’s not harming the animals. I think Lush should keep their vegan title, even if they aren’t “100%” vegan.  Or maybe there should be another more technical term for what I’m suggesting. Image


4 thoughts on “100% Vegan?

  1. I agree that a byproduct of a harmless process should not count against a product’s “vegan status.” After all, sheep will be farmed and sheared regardless, so unless the demand for lanolin is greater than the available supply, using it doesn’t hurt anyone. Which is not to say that farming methods for all livestock should not be examined and overhauled to ensure humane and ecologically responsible practices. It is a multifaceted issue so we can’t really make any blanket statements. But unless I am missing some important details, condemning the use of a product like lanolin outright only makes sense if you subscribe to the extremist view that we should stop farming livestock altogether.

  2. I think using lanolin is fine as long as it really doesn’t hurt the animal. It doesn’t make it wrong because it’s an animal byproduct. Though i wouldn’t say its the same as milk because some milk production does hurt the animals but thats for a different story. Because there is animal byproduct its not vegan so that is kind of lying regardless if it hurts the animal or not if they still call their product 100% vegan. I think there should just be another term. like just no animals were harmed or something.

  3. I feel people need to start looking into how the products they consume are made instead of depending on the brand (whose main goal is to sell you things) tell them what they want to hear. Look further in than just the label!

    • I dont think its necessarily what they want to hear but rather a company lying or not about their product. Hardcore vegans are some of the most proactive people when it comes to finding out where the products come from and how it was made and how reliable the company that made it is. the ones that i know rarely just read the label and go with it and not do any research. when a product says its vegan its probably more trying to pull in the health crowd more than vegans. and honestly LUSH could sell their products without telling anyone what they want to hear. as for people depending on a brand, it is the brands job to tell the truth and the point of this article is if theyre lying about their product or not and that will vary from person to person.

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