Whole Foods vs Local Foods

So I’m a shopper of Whole foods, I like organic things and I like to stay healthy. Our conversation in class about local foods got me wondering about where the organic food I ate was coming from and if I was being more of a hindrance than a part of the solution. On my next trip to the market, I was amazed that most of the foods I bought were not from Florida, or even this region! Most of my food came from Mexico or California, I’m not even supporting my own country a portion of the time. I searched for local alternatives and sadly, I could only find a few of the foods I had wanted that were local: peppers, cabbage, citrus (naturally), green beans, as far as fresh produce goes. There is a lot more local options in other sections. There were very few choices in the seafood department as well! Only one was marked as being caught using safe fishing methods and being local.

I was shocked that as far as fresh food goes, there was not a whole lot to choose from for local foods from Whole foods. With them trying to be so environmentally concerned, why are they not taking the step to be considerate on how FAR the food travels. I know that it is business, but this has me considering going to only local Farmer’s Markets for the majority of my food from now on.

Here is a list of all the local Farmers Whole foods does work with and their locations if you are interested! http://www.wholefoodsmarket.com/local-vendor-profiles/FL

Thanks for reading! – Kat Jackson


2 thoughts on “Whole Foods vs Local Foods

  1. Living in the 21st century, it is not hard for me to imagine that the globalization of our food supplies have already taken place. Under this kind of situation, huge corporations are always those that were taken the blame. Sure they are responsible to where our food came from but as consumers, we are still the cause of such mess.
    The problem was originated from the demand. As a person who grew up outside of America, I’m in fact more shocked by the diet habits of American people. Here in America people are living under the pressure of fast-paced society, we often purchase food in bulk, some are even obsessed with processed food; while back in where I came from people go grocery shopping every day for fresh products. In such case quantity becomes more importance than quality. Imagine this situations happening in Florida where the quality of soil is far from the standard for agriculture, in order to support such amount of food, local farmers would have to chemically change the PH of soil, potentially affect the ecosystem. Because of the growth of demand in certain product, we have to import. There are different resources in different regions of the nation, some places are industrially more advanced and the cost of labor is way cheaper than others, and that’s where those huge corporations are looking at. Back to Florida, without the support of local consumers, local farmers have to jack up the price of their product. Sure the system’s not healthy but it works. However, what if the public became aware of how unhealthy it is and refuse to purchase imported food, would huge corporation stills take advantage of it? In order for corporations to change their food supplies, people should first think about changing their lifestyle.

  2. I do not understand why everyone loves the product that has ‘organic’ seals on it. I am totally agreed with the writer, because actually, it is not organic at all. It is really hard to find real organic product. If I want to eat healthy food, I can buy some foods on the market, but they are not organic. Additionally, it also hard to find the food that made on my region. (For example, everything is made in China.)

    In My country, Korea, ‘Well-being’ was a trend in few years ago. Everyone was looking for green, healthy, organic things. Of cause, they rushed to the nearest supermarket and bought the foods with a large organic signs on it. Do you think that food was organic? Nope. The company just made new package and put the organic stickers on stylishly and sold with double price. HAHA!

    Well, now I think the ‘organic’ is the one of the brand like Apple or Disney. It dose not always guarantee my happiness or satisfaction, but I prefer the product that one-bite-apple and mickey mouse printed on it.

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