Visiting Myakka: Fox’s High

I traveled with a friend of mine to Myakka State Park. I thought it would have been much further, but it really is so close. It is just of off of 72/Stikney, and it is a wonderful place to go see. A lot of flowers are in bloom despite it being winter, and we saw many creatures. We drove to Fox’s High Road and walked along the path. I found it quite interesting because it seemed to change every 300 yards or so. At first it was a dense forest with tall grasses, and it morphed into a meadow and surrounded on both sides with pines and lots of tall grasses. It eventually opened up into a very huge expanse of space with almost no trees in the clearing with oaks on occasion along the trail. We were there shortly before and during sunset and it was truly beautiful to see all the colors of the colors and sky together.

My friend and I began to discuss why state parks were so important to preserve such wonderful places like this, yet we wondered why it took state parks  to preserve places like this? Is it really up to the officials and people to decide what places are worthy of preservation, or should we really be working harder to preserve every space on this Earth we can? We wondered if 100 years from now, what places would still be beautiful and green other than preserves or parks. Do you think we stand a chance to keep our planet so beautiful?

Here are some photos we took while we were there. This is all the same trail (Fox’s High Road):







Thanks for reading! – Kat Jackson


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