The Cove and Hayden Panettiere

I read a blurb about Hayden Panettiere in Parade magazine about her animal activism in Japan. I thought her actions must have been too extreme because it said se was banned from Japan, but the blurb didn’t really elaborate on what she did. I thought it was really dumb of her to do that and badass at the same time. Now that I’ve watched The Cove, I just think she’s badass now. SHe was only 18 years old when she went!



I wondered what she had been up to since her involvement in The Cove.She didn’t seem like the type of person to back down, and thank god, she wasn’t. She went back!

She’s also the international spokesperson for The Whaleman Foundation.

Now I have major props. Celebrities can use their status however they want. I’m glad she’s not using hers selfishly. I hope to see her do even more in the future




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