No Impact

I think its a really amazing thing that someone would take it upon themselves to stand up for what they believe in and do what they have to show that individuals can make a difference. When the film first started, I didn’t really take it that seriously. I thought “what could one person be doing less that could make a difference?” Then I felt really naive as the movie progressed. One person isn’t going to make a difference, but if multitudes of people made these practices a regular thing, I believe the world will kill us a lot slower than it would if we didn’t. People say we’re destroying the world, or making sick, but that’s bullshit. We can pollute this planet all we want, the only thing its going to hurt is us. This planet has been through a lot more natural calamity than we could ever inflict. When the humans die out, the world will just cleanse itself with floods and fire, and eventually freeze over again. Then who knows what species will emerge and inherit the mantle of alpha.


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