Dolphin Hunting, a response to The Cove

It seems unavoidable that documentaries intended to communicate an environmental message will almost certainly be overly sensationalist with heavy emotional appeal to impassion the viewer towards the film’s cause.  All throughout The Cove, I found myself being fed this message that the actions of the fishermen of Taiji were deplorable and needed to be stopped at any cost, but there was very little in the way of rational explanation as to why their actions so desperately needed to be stopped.  Forgive my sounding a bit callous in regard to this issue, but I consider myself a staunch realist.  As unsettling as such massacres of wilelife unquestionably are, ultimately, the Japanese fishermen see a need to continue the practice, in spite of enormous public disapproval.  It may be just for money, but when these dolphin hunting organizations were offered subsidees for not hunting, they did not accept them.


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