The Honeybee Epidemic


The bee documentary was one of the most engaging films we watched in class. It was a surprising mystery and eye-opening look into the complicated, bureaucratic puzzle scientists are constantly faced with. The scariest part was with how complicated nature’s systems function and the constant impact of humans with chemicals, machinery, and pollution just one small mistake could create a worldwide pandemic and devastate populations of animals and insects without us having any idea what the problem was. The bee epidemic is just one warning sign for the future. As we continue to innovate with new chemicals and methods for increasing productivity we put our populations of animals at risk. I can’t even imagine how frustrating it must be for beekeepers. As they’ve seen, finding a solution can take decades and fighting a political structure that protects larger companies is always an uphill battle. Hopefully with more regulation on these companies and thorough testing and research we can hopefully avoid such problems in the future. Fingers crossed.


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