Since everyone in my family is really health conscious and food conscious, I eat pretty clean at home. At school, I try to eat as healthy as I can but since I’m on the meal plan it isn’t the easiest of tasks. Both my sisters and I are also gluten intolerant and me and my oldest sister are lactose intolerant so the foods that we can eat are pretty limited, especially when we go out to eat.

Being gluten free isn’t as difficult now because so many people are developing a gluten intolerance because there’s an overabundance of gluten in almost all foods nowadays. So there’s a lot of different substitutes for regular things like gluten free pastas and gluten free breads. And I only have a reaction to cows milk so I can use goats milk and soy substitutes for my dairy needs.

Other than being gluten and for the most part dairy free, my parents only buy foods that they know haven’t been processed and filled with things that shouldn’t be in that food. We buy as much organic food as we can, and during the spring and summer months, we have our own garden for our vegetables.


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