darwinism mammoths

Darwin went to the Galapagos islands, and he discovered the theory of evolution from studying the finches on the island. He found that the finch species were changing and evolving due to the environmental changes. This very thing was happening to mammoths, and a new discovery has shown that mammoths did not die out when we thought they did. We have thought that the last mammoths were roaming the wild around 39 thousand years ago, but the mammoths were still alive when the pyramids were being built. A small herd of mammoth bones were found on a island of siberia, and there was something different with these bones. The bones of the mammoths here were smaller then the average wholly mammoth, these mammoths were dwarfing to adapt to the environment. Just like how some of Darwin’s finches developed new beaks to eat different foods, the mammoths were adapting to its soundings so it could survive. The mammoth population has died off due to over hunting of our ancestors and the warming of our planet, but this discovery was something that changed the way people remember the mammoth. They have also discovered blood from a well preserved carcass of a mammoth, and maybe sooner then we think we could be reunited with the mammoth.



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