Not only is chocolate delicious, but it’s also nutritious. It also makes you happy! Let’s start from the beginning. Chocolate is a mixture of cocoa butter, sugar, milk, and cocoa powder. There are many kinds of chocolate but I’ll simply it to three groups: white, dark, and milk. White chocolate doesn’t have the powder which is why it’s so sweet. Dark chocolate has no milk or little milk, letting the natural flavor of the beans shine through. Cacao beans are actually quite nasty and raw would be toxic, even to humans. We all know not to feed a dog chocolate, that’s because it contains a chemical called theobromine. Bad stuff. However, after chocolate is thoroughly processed it can be quite sweet and actually good for you! Chocolate can lower blood pressure, speed up your metabolism, and even increase serotonin production. Which is why you often feel good after eating its sweet bliss, it’s literally making you happy at a chemical level! Chocolate is actually a new thing though, it didn’t come about until the industrial revolution back in the 18-whatevers. That’s it requires great pressure to process the cacao beans into cocoa butter. Making chocolate is actually incredibly complicated. The beans must be perfectly ripe, not over ripe or under ripe. If they’re under ripe there won’t be a sufficient amount of butter to have squeezed out, if over ripe the butter could be rotten and make the chocolate too sweet or have a strange taste. Just think about all the young children who died back in the day to give you the wonderful Hersey’s bar you have in your hands now. But they can’t take all the credit, sugar and milk wasn’t added to chocolate until the 1600s, back then it was known as a spicy drink. Chocolate was actually served with chili powder! Talk about gross. I’ll take my Swiss or German delights over that any day.


3 thoughts on “chocolate

  1. Delicious, I absolutely love chocolate – so glad to see a blog post about it. I tend to prefer less sweet, European styled chocolate and dessert. We have a tradition here in the States of sweetening everything too much..

  2. There is a type of treat called a “KinderEgg” that I used to get every Easter. It’s originally form Europe (although one time I found a store selling them in Suan Juan, Costa Rica of all places!). It’s basically a hollow chocolate shell with milk chocolate on the outside portion of the shell, and white chocolate on the inside of the shell wrapped in a foil. Then on top of that, you get this little capsule inside the egg that if you open, there is a mini toy inside that you can assemble.

    My family used to collect the toys until we lost our collection in a flooded basement many many years ago, but I highly reccomend them if you can get ahold of one.. or a dozen! Just for the fun factor even, they always make fun Christmas gifts for my friends.

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