Using Omegle

I wondered how aware and educated people really are of the dolphin slaughter in Japan so I thought I would conduct a mini experiment. I went on Omegle, which is a website where you talk to strangers, but instead of talking to them I took the option to pose a question and remain vigil and watch while two random strangers talk about the subject I posed. So I asked, “What do you think of the dolphin slaughter in Japan?” Many people skipped the topic, but that happens with any question you ask on Omegle. At least half of the people who entered the debate mentioned the Cove, which is quite significant. Others said they either didn’t care because it doesn’t directly affect them, or that it wasn’t something they are conscious of or generally think about it. Then I happened upon this group of individuals, who had one of the most intellectual conversations I’ve heard over the Internet in a long time. 

Question to discuss:

What do you think of the dolphin slaughter in Japan?

Stranger 2: Slaughtering anything unnecessarily is stupid.

Stranger 2: We wouldn’t like it if we got slaughtered, either.

Stranger 1: I don’t care that much

Stranger 1: if they could slaughter us, they probably would

Stranger 2: Possibly.

Stranger 1: So would almost any aimal

Stranger 1: *animal

Stranger 2: I just dislike how humans think of themselves of being so dominant.

Stranger 2: Without what we constructed, stuck in a cage with a tiger, we’d be lunch.

Stranger 1: As far as I am aware, humans are the only animals which give much of a fuck about other animals

Stranger 2: I just think we should accept that we’re nO FUCKING BETTER CHRIST

Stranger 2: That’s because otherwise there would be no other animals

Stranger 2: Amongst themselves they just keep each other in check, not the shit we fabricate.

Stranger 1: Becuase there is nothing to keep us is check, yet

Stranger 2: Because we don’t have natural predators like they do.

Stranger 1: We did. And evolution let be for a million years, we probably will again

Stranger 2: What do you mean?

Stranger 1: it would be tremendously advantageous if a creature were able to consume humans s a staple of its diet, as there are a lot of us. eventually something will eveolve to prey on us

Stranger 1: Assuming our own evoution is stagnant

Stranger 2: Intriguing. Well, we’ll see when that time rolls around.

Stranger 1: I want to kill one

Stranger 1: Inspite of the fact it will probably the evolution of humans as we know them

Stranger 2: You mean humans will turn on humans?

Stranger 1: Well we already do. We just don’t eat each other yet.

Stranger 1: Idk

Stranger 2: Well, some of us do.

Stranger 2: We turn on each other on a regular basis, it just doesn’t always go as far as decreasing the population by a couple of heads.

Stranger 1: Only a few million

Stranger 2: Which just inspired a thought. If we die, why don’t we just sell the meat of what’s already dead instead of killing something still alive. It boils down to the same, in a sense.

Stranger 2: Or perhaps billion. You never know.

Stranger 2: *when

Stranger 1: Perhaps the emergence of a human predator will occur when humans start farming other humans for food

Stranger 2: Perhaps.

That just brought up so many more questions!




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