The Cove was hard to deal with…


Watching the cove in class really opened my eyes to how blind our society really is to these matters. To think that people would go and do such a thing makes me want to and join an activist group to do all I can to help out. But how exactly do we do that? How do we possibly make an entire nation pay attention to the problem? 

I remember my sister, when we were kids she was a great big dolphin fan. Her room was all done in dolphin, she wanted to go and be a dolphin trainer. It seemed like fate that her fifth grade graduation trip be to discovery cove to actually swim with them. 

And it seemed appropriate that the part that mad me the most upset was the fact that the actual flipper committed dolphin suicide in the arms of her trainer. Having grown up with sea world just 3 hours away, and the fact that sarasota is often associated with dolphins really just hit home.


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