The Beauty of this World

In my opinion humans are the invasive species. We have invaded the earth and begun destroying it’s beauty. We cut down forests that are home to many fascinating creatures to build ugly, polluted cities. We kill because it’s fun. We take away other animals homes just because we think that we are superior. I believe that if we were to live among the wild animals and with nature in harmony then the world would flourish. We would have cleaner air, fresh healthy dirt to grow our crops, and endangered animals would come back.



2 thoughts on “The Beauty of this World

  1. I think we kill out of connivence, not necessarily for fun. We have an invented perception that technology is the answer to all of our problems, when that’s not necessarily the case. Progress and innovation gives us meaning and we hope it can give us answers to why we’re here – but it many actually be the opposite.

  2. Something I really liked about spending my time up in Manhattan this past summer was the parks. When you have so little nature in such an urban environment it’s really refreshing. It also awesome because since they have less green around the city, all of the parks are kept so nice and pristine, and I think it’s great that there can be a beautiful balance between city and nature.

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