No Impact Man.

After watching no impact man in class, it really showed me just how much stuff we don’t need, and how much stuff we waste. This movie and this class showed me the problems us humans create, and how our connection with nature is slowly disappearing. Every wednesday i have no class so i usually go to the beach and walk around, but after this movie i decided to pick up as much trash as i could every time i go. The no impact man taught me that we need to start thinking about what we truly are doing to the environment, and that we need stop doing more harm then good to nature, and the environment. The movie also showed me that starting with doing something small can help like picking up trash can have a better affect then doing nothing at all. The last time i went to the beach and picked up trash i felt proud of myself for doing something good, and i wanted to do more, and i also had this one seagull follow me around which made me feel happy i was getting rid of the harmful things to its home. 



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