No Impact Man

Honestly I can relate to the wife. If my husband suddenly decided to be like no impact man I would think he hit his head. While his heart may have been in the right direction, he may have taken his actions a bit too far. He has the right idea o=that we need to take care of the earth. If everyone were to just try then we would see a huge drastic change in our world. I thought it was funny when they were just biking past everyone who were stuck in a traffic jam. I love biking, it’s a healthy form of transportation. It’s not only healthy for humans, but it’s also healthy for the earth.



2 thoughts on “No Impact Man

  1. I thought it was still a helpful experiment, he took it too far to push his own limits and see if it was actually possible to still live no impact. He wasn’t setting an example or precedent for others to live but challenging himself and hopefully from his example inspire others to take their own steps and see how simple they can really be.

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